How To Create A Positive Mindset So You Can Lose Weight

How many before and after photos with workout results have you seen looking for a Certified Personal Trainer? Dozens! You won’t find many of those, if any, at Emily Ackart Fitness and Nutrition. I believe those photos don’t tell the real story. They set unrealistic expectations for everyone because most people can’t achieve those results. With my programs, I emphasize a positive mindset. It may require mindset shifts to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle. Read More

How To Do The Perfect Lunge

Lunges. You either love ’em or hate ’em. Personally, I LOVE them and as a Certified Personal Trainer, you’ll find them in my workouts. They’re great to do on their own or in combination with other exercises. Lunges work your glutes better than many other popular exercises. Here’s how to do the perfect lunge so you work your butt like never before!
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