Emily Ackart Personal Training

About Personal Training

Are you looking for a Kansas City personal trainer? Certified trainer, Emily Ackart, lives in the Liberty area and provides clients throughout the metro with individualized personal training sessions.

Emily specializes in training individuals who are looking to reach new heights in their fitness. Learn proper mechanics, identify muscular imbalances and/or postural issues, and integrate corrective exercise strategies into your training plan. That way you can begin moving with less aches and stiffness. You’ll also be faster, lift heavier weights, and move more freely.

Find YOUR STRONG so you’re not busting your butt every day in the gym only to find that you feel like you are 80 when you get out of bed in the morning.  Together we will build a strong foundation so you can be stronger than you ever thought possible.

Personal Training Rates

All clients receive a FREE in-depth fitness assessment to pinpoint muscle imbalances or weaknesses. This is an important step, even for a seasoned athlete.

With personal training, you’ll get goal coaching and an individualized workout program that is specific to your needs and fitness goals. Together, we will get you feeling better, moving better, and stronger than ever.

One-On-One Training

Price: $65 / hour
After a movement assessment, you will get an individualized workout plan tailored to your fitness goals that we will work to achieve together.

Dynamic Duo Training

Price: $100/hour
Grab a friend that you love to sweat with. You will both receive individualized workout plans tailored to your goals.

Team It Up

Price: $100 per hour
Grab 3 or more friends and share in laughs, sweat, and accountability.  Each person will receive individual attention and workouts tailored to their specific fitness goals.

Online Personal Training

Price: $30 / month

STRONG By Emily is an online personal training program using bodyweight and TRX exercises. Workout anywhere and anytime with personal trainer, Emily Ackart, in your back pocket. Plus, get access to a private accountability group.

*** Discount available for purchasing 12 sessions.