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Emily Ackart Fitness Bodyweight Exercises

  •  Cardio + strength training. 
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Take the workouts on vacation or use them when you want to freshen up your routine. Certified Personal Trainer, Emily Ackart, delivers workouts that will have you moving in all planes of motion. The only equipment you need -- your bodyweight. Mini bands are optional to challenge yourself more. Find your STRONG with Emily! 

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"With the helpful videos and coaching from you - it's perfect! I also love that this allows me the ability to workout on my schedule and still have a personal trainer always available."

- Kim Williams Bielawski -

"Emily is great at adding modifiers for each exercise." 


- Amy Dye Kanning -

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  • 8 strength + cardio workouts.  
  • 40 NEW exercises.
  • Access to the TrueCoach app for 3 months. Print off workouts at any time.

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