How To Do A Plank Correctly For Maximum Core Strength

The plank is a perfect full-body exercise that works your butt, core, shoulders, and legs all at the same time. While many people focus on how long they can hold a plank, that builds endurance. To strengthen your core, shoulders, and legs all at once focus on a strength plank. With these tips, you’ll plank correctly so you can take your plank to the next level. Read More

How To Strengthen Your Core With The Resistance Band Pallof Press

Ready to strengthen your core? You need anti-rotation exercises like the Pallof Press. For this exercise, you’ll use a resistance band. It helps you take your fitness to the next level by adding a band to the exercise movement. It’s a perfect at-home exercise that you can do separately or as part of a core workout.

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3 Awesome At-Home Resistance Band Workouts Women Need

Resistance band workouts are a great strength-training tool. You can take these bands anywhere, whether you use then in your at-home gym or on the road. Plus, you can change up your workout without needing to add extra weight. These are 3 of my favorite resistance band workouts, including an excellent full-body resistance band workout, core, and cardio-focused exercises, and a partner workout. You can do all of these at home.

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You Need The Best At-Home Core Workout For Women

Do you have low back pain? It’s probably because you need to strengthen your core. A strong core is key to avoiding injury in daily life, good posture and adding more power and stability to your workouts. You should use your core muscles in every exercise. These are 5 great core exercises for women. You can do them at home or in the gym to strengthen your core. Read More

How To Do The Dead Bug Exercise To Help Low Back Pain

If you have lower back problems, strengthening your core can offer relief. Even if you don’t have back issues, it’s a perfect exercise to train your core to activate all the time so you can take your workouts to the next level. To do this exercise properly, you need to recruit your deep core muscles and turn your abs on and off. This exercise video shows you how to do the dead bug exercise properly so you can strengthen your core.  Read More

How To Create A Positive Mindset So You Can Lose Weight

How many before and after photos with workout results have you seen looking for a Certified Personal Trainer? Dozens! You won’t find many of those, if any, at Emily Ackart Fitness and Nutrition. I believe those photos don’t tell the real story. They set unrealistic expectations for everyone because most people can’t achieve those results. With my programs, I emphasize a positive mindset. It may require mindset shifts to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle. Read More