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Do you have cravings you just can’t resist? We all do, but with some strategic planning, you can stick to your diet while also satisfying that craving for sweet or salty foods. The secret is keeping healthy swaps in your pantry and refrigerator. These are my 25 favorite food swaps that will quickly make your diet healthier so you can lose weight and reach your fitness goals.

Healthy food swaps

  1. Keep the swap in the same food family.
  2. Swap food with the same textures.
  3. Look for foods with fewer calories.
  4. Grab foods that have fiber and protein.

First, keep the swap in the same food family. So, if you crave sweets, grab dates. They’re sweet and taste like candy, but they’re healthy. You have to try this awesome no-bake date brownie recipe.

Also, keep the texture the same. So, if you like the crunch of potato chips, swap them for pickles! They’re both salty so you’re still giving your tastebuds what they want while still maintaining your diet.

Think ahead. If you’re a gardener in the summer, grab those extra cucumbers and make your own fresh, pickles. They’re delicious. All you need is vinegar, salt, and garlic. They’re so much better than store-bought pickles. Fresh and healthy!

The food swap should not only be healthier, but it should also have fewer calories and be packed with good nutrients. Try to eat raw vegetables or fresh foods rather than boxed, canned, or bagged food. Usually, those are processed.

snack swap list

Finally, eat food high in fiber and protein. That will help you keep your portions under control because you’ll feel full longer. Chia pudding and smoothies are perfect for this.

Smoothies are my go-to snack. You can prep these ahead of time in the freezer so all you need to do is add liquid and blend. Or, make them with fresh fruits and vegetables. They fill you up and are a perfect late-afternoon snack so you eat fewer snacks and eat less at dinner.

Here are some tips for a perfect smoothie, without any lumps, plenty of fiber and greens!

Snack swaps

Skip this: Try this:
Pizza Deli roll-ups
High fat cheese Greek yogurt & hummus
Cookies Berries
Candy Frozen grapes
Ice cream Chia pudding
Pretzels & chips Popcorn or pickles
Cakes & baked goods Fresh vegetables, fruit and dried fruit

Pantry swaps

Making these healthy swaps starts with a stocked-pantry. These are great foods to add to your grocery list.

Before you stock-up on these healthy items, get rid of all the foods in your pantry that make it hard to stick with your diet. If you don’t want to throw them away, because after all, that’s wasteful, donate them to a local charity if unopened.

If you shouldn’t be eating something, don’t have it in your house.

Skip this: Try this:
White rice Quinoa
Soda (regular and sugar-free) Green tea, filtered water
Vegetable oil Coconut oil
Croutons Almonds
Flour Coconut flour
Sugar Stevia
Chocolate chips Cacao nibs
Bread crumbs Chia seeds
Salt Himalayan Crystal Salt
Processed peanut butter Almond butter

Snacks Under 100 calories

Refrigerator swaps

It’s not just your cupboards, but your refrigerator too.

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you eat good food” – Errick McAdams

Skip this: Try this:
Mayonnaise Mustard
Sour cream Greek yogurt
Iceberg lettuce Romaine lettuce
Ranch dressing Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
Sports drinks Coconut water
Juices Water
Milk Almond milk
Commercial salad dressings Salsa, guacamole, mustard

Healthy eating requires a plan. If you’re just winging it and trying to eat healthy on the go, you’ll likely struggle.

If you want more recipes and meal planning ideas, get my free plan guide!

What food swaps are you going to make in your home? 

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