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best plank exercises for tighter core

The plank is a perfect exercise to strengthen your core. Planks don’t take a lot of time to do, but there are lots of benefits if you do them right and often. These are the best plank exercises to tighten your abs.

how to do a plank

Plank Exercise Benefits

You need a strong core for more than just a flat looking stomach. Although, that’s important too. Even if you already have a flat stomach, you can still benefit from core exercises.

You use your core in everyday activities from lifting to even sitting. When your core is strong, you’ll have less back pain, better posture, and reduce your risk of injury.

When your core is weak, it affects your posture. You may also have tight hips and shoulders. Or, you may find that you hold your breath when you work out. Don’t forget the side effect of a weak core that most moms can relate to — running to the bathroom when you laugh, run, or jump. It’s a real problem after you have a baby.

Your core is tied to your balance, stability, and power. So, when your core is tight you feel better. and workout harder.

While many people do stomach crunches or sit-ups to work their core, the plank is the best core exercise for strength building. It’s a total body workout if you do more than just contract your abs, which you should! Tighten your glutes, quads, and shoulders engaged. You’ll work all these muscles when you do the plank the right way.

Best Plank Exercises

Ready to take your plank to the next level?

These are the best plank exercises and positions:

Plank Shoulder Taps

First, plank shoulder taps. This is a great plank exercise because you’re working on your core and shoulder stability.

Kettlebell or Sandbag drag

Also, try the TRX Kettlebell or sandbag drag. This is another way to progress the plank, and make it more challenging.

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Plank Row

Plank Jacks

Then, try plank jacks. These take a lot of ab strength and add a great burst of cardio to your workout.

Plank Taps

Best Way To Strengthen Your Core

If you want to mix-up your core exercises, even more, consider the TRX. It’s a suspension trainer that uses straps and your bodyweight to build your abs, improve your mobility, and increase your flexibility. It’s easy on the joints and it’s perfect for beginners or advanced fitness levels.

By simply adjusting the height of the straps and the positioning, you can increase the intensity or modify a TRX exercise.

In STRONG By Emily, my online personal training program, I send you 3 TRX workouts a week to improve your strength from your shoulders to your legs, and everything in between! With the videos, I show you how to adjust your TRX, modify exercises, and plan your workouts for you!

When you’re using the TRX, you’ll always hear “find your plank” no matter what part of your body the exercise is working. You’re always working on your plank.

TRX Strength Plank

Once you master your plank on the ground, progress to the suspension trainer. This video shows you how to do a TRX strength plank the right way.

TRX Plank and Knee Tucks

Next, take your plank to the next level by adding in knee tucks.

The plank doesn’t take a lot of time, so add it to your workouts at the beginning or the end to build a stronger core faster!

What’s your favorite plank position?

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