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resistance band palloff press

Ready to strengthen your core? You need anti-rotation exercises like the Pallof Press. For this exercise, you’ll use a resistance band. It helps you take your fitness to the next level by adding a band to the exercise movement. It’s a perfect at-home exercise that you can do separately or as part of a core workout.

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Anti-rotation core exercises

Rotation and anti-rotation exercises are an essential part of workouts. They’ll help you strengthen your core and avoid injury.

Most people think of Russian twists where you’re really twisting. It doesn’t always have to be that intense.

The resistance band Pallof Press is actually easier on your back than a twist. Plus, it teaches you how to resist that rotation. It helps prepare you for everyday life if you carry an uneven load or slip and fall. It helps you catch your body. You need strong reactive muscles in your core to protect you so you don’t hurt your back if you fall.

For this anti-rotation core exercise, use a resistance band. These are the ones I like to use with my personal training clients. They’re perfect for an at-home gym. You can also use the bands with handles on them.

Great Anti-Rotation Core Strengthening Exercise

Banded Pallof Press

Attach a resistance band safely and securely to something in your at-home gym. I attach it to my weight bench for the Pallof Press with a band.

These tips will help you resist the rotation with the half-kneeling banded Pallof Press.

  1. Put the outside leg up.
  2. Place the inside leg on the ground so you’re kneeling on it.
  3. Dig the back toe in.
  4. Turn the glute on by tucking the tailbone under slightly and squeeze super tight.
  5. Line up your shoulder with the anchor point (where you’re attached).
  6. Push your hands straight away from your body and control it back.

You’ll feel the band trying to pull you in. This is where the rotation of the band comes into play. Resist that rotation! Keep your shoulders and hips squared up.

If you have the back toe dug in and the glute engaged, you’ll gain more strength out of this exercise.

Press out for 10-seconds. Then, add a 30-second hold. Then switch to the other side.


These are the best rotation and anti-rotation exercises to build an incredibly strong core.

Exercises to strengthen your core

My FREE restore your core guide is full of information on how to strengthen your core. There are lots of exercises to build stability, mobility, and strength, and power.

Strong Core Exercises

Resistance bands are great strength-training tools I add to bodyweight exercises, I use them in my online personal training program, and you can use them to activate and mobilize muscles in this warm-up workout.

Want 5 core exercises to strengthen your mid-section? You can do them separately before working out or at the end if you have something extra to give or combine them for a core workout. Most of them use only your bodyweight.

What’s your favorite core exercise?

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