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resistance band warm up exercise

Resistance bands are a great strength training tool you should use with warm-up exercises to increase mobility and activate the muscles your workout targets. These are the 5 best full-body resistance band warm-up exercises to take your workout to the next level. You can do them at home or in the gym. 

warm up resistance band workoutsResistance Band Warm-Ups

Resistance bands should be part of every warm-up, no matter your fitness level. They’re a great way to activate muscles so you get more out of each exercise.

They also improve mobility.

Bands are perfect for women because they help you build strength without weights.

This is a great full-body resistance band warm-up that targets your shoulders and glutes.


1. Resistance band pull apart – 10 reps

2. Up and around – 5 reps each side

3. Up and over – 10 reps

4. X walks – 10 reps each side

5. Glute bridge – 10 reps


Resistance Band Shoulder Exercises

Resistance band pull-apart

First, resistance band pull-apart. This exercise works your arms.

Start with the band at eye level. Pull the band down toward your chest by using your back muscles. Squeeze those shoulder blades together. Keep the hips tucked under (glutes engage) and ribs hidden. Don’t let them flare out by arching your back.

Up and down 

Second, up and around exercise. Again, this is a resistance band exercise for your arms. You’re going to do 5 reps each side. Pull the resistance band with both arms and move your arms up and over your head, focusing on one side at a time.

Up and over

Next, up and over. Same idea here. You start by holding the resistance band with both hands and pulling on it. Then, you move the band up and over your head going back and forth.

Resistance Band Glute Activation


Fourth, resistance band x-walks. Place your feet in the resistance band. Then make an x-pattern and grab the other end of the band with your hands. As you walk sideways, be sure to keep your knees soft. Take small steps. You want your knees and ankles to stay in line.

This exercise activates your glutes, which is why it’s perfect to do before a work-out.

Glute bridge

Lastly, resistance band glute bridge. Open the hips all the way up. Straight-line from knees, hips to shoulders. Big squeeze through the glutes. Put the resistance band on your stomach, and pull down with your hands.

The glutes are a big part of your core, even though you traditionally think of just your ab muscles. Working your glutes will help your entire mid-section, and can offer lower back pain relief if that’s an issue for you.

Watch this resistance band warm-up video to see how to do 5 of the best exercises to activate your glutes and warm-up your shoulders.

At-Home Resistance Band Workouts

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These are the resistance bands I recommend for an at-home gym. They’re portable, inexpensive, and versatile.

You can also use resistance bands in your workouts. Try these 3 awesome band workouts for women. They target your core, shoulders, and glutes.

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Do you use resistance bands in your warm-up routine?

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