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how to workout with your kids

We think of our workouts as exercises strung together at the gym or in our basement. However, that’s not always possible especially when you have children. So, these are my tips for working out with your kids. 

Why you need to workout with your kids

You’re probably like my sister and I. Sometimes you have visions of a great workout because you just feel it that day! All the while hoping the kids play like angels nearby. 

For all my mom followers out there, I’m sure you are laughing at my delusional vision right now. But, sometimes I try! One afternoon, it was in my backyard with my sister. Our goal — a bodyweight workout. 

We started into our exercises and it wasn’t 5 minutes in that the meltdowns, and I mean meltdowns, began. There was not a single moment where one of them wasn’t happy. There were lots of tears, kids clinging to any and every body part and BIG attitudes were flying.

Frustrations were high and excuses started popping into our heads with reasons why it would be ok to quit. We felt guilty because our kids “needed” us and we were neglecting them. Typing it now sounds so silly, right?

If we stopped the workout, we’d send a message that “mommy doesn’t matter.” But dang it. We DO matter.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am a more energized, happy, go with the flow mom when I get my workout in. If we’d bailed, I know I would have been grumpy and they don’t deserve that either.

However, the fact remained that they still were being impossible to ignore, and that’s when things got FUN!  

How to work out with your kids

We started having races while carrying them (Ummm…. excellent cardio), we started pretending we were animals like bears (shoulder work), bunnies (more cardio) and frogs (holy LEG burn).

Our children turned into our weights for weighted squats and laid on our backs for planks and pushups. By the end of our workout, EVERYONE was happy! The moms got their workout in and the kids were able to use their imaginations AND get in some physical activity too.

So next time you are trying to squeeze in a workout while your kids are playing and things go south. Give yourself a little pep talk, think of all NEW energy you will feel once it’s over AND think of the lesson you are teaching your little children. Mommy does matter and taking care of your body is a priority!

Refer to this post for a quick, bodyweight workout that is sure to bring lots of giggles, some sore muscles, and some great bonding time.

***Disclaimer!  Please be careful and remember proper form when holding your kids. After all, they are your weights! Keep the chest up and back flat when squatting. Don’t let their weight pull you forward into hunch back mode.***

Mother and child exercises

1. 25 yard run while holding your little in your arms or on your back

2. 25 yard lateral shuffle

3. 10 Squats with overhead press (raise your little up high above your head)

4. 10 Pushups with your child either laying under you (Their forehead is your goal! Give it a big smooch!) Or if they are bigger they can be your weight and hop on your back. Be sure to keep your core tight and maintain good pushup form by keeping your back stiff like a board.

5. 25 yard bunny hop

6. 25 yard bear crawl

7. 10 Squats with over head press

8. 10 Pushups

9. 25 yard frog hop

10. 25 yard sprint

Repeat 2 times.

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