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Lunges are a perfect exercise to tighten your butt. If you want to strengthen your glutes, focus on the lunge. There are many ways to progress a TRX lunge to get a cardio workout in, while also focusing only on your buttocks.

how to do a perfect lunge

TRX lunge progressions

When you lunge, if you feel it in your knees or any other body part, you’re not doing the exercise right. With these tips, you can do a perfect lunge with five of my favorite lunge exercises. The secret is concentration. Focus on that balance and the movement.

Some of my favorite lunges use the TRX. It’s a great piece of fitness equipment to progress and modify your lunge. If you’re just starting out with the TRX, start with these beginner tips.

This is the progression of the lunge from beginner fitness levels to advanced.

All of these lunge progressions are shown with a TRX, but you can do them with your own bodyweight too.

1. Balance lunge

First, put your hands in the foot cradles and face the TRX. Step back and keep the back foot from tapping on the floor. If you need to gently touch the floor with your toe to control your balance, you can do that.

Once you step back, stand up and bring your knee up.

2. Put your foot in both foot cradles

Next, put one foot in both of the foot cradles. So, you should be balancing on one foot with the other one bent behind you in the foot cradles. For this lunge progression, you’re facing away from the TRX. It’s behind you.

Work on your balance by lowering down and coming straight back up, with your leg suspended the whole time.

3. Add a plank to your lunge

To add cardio to the moment hop back into plank. So, your hands are on the floor.  Then stand up, and hop back. Repeat this.

4. Add a push-up and a hop to your plank

You can progress the lunge further by adding a push-up while you’re in a plank. Bring your body up. Then hop back, push-up, bring it up, and hop.

Make sure you’re doing a push-up the right way for a total body workout and to avoid injury. It’s the most common exercise I see done wrong as a Certified Personal Trainer.

With each of these moves, you’re adding a new move to the sequence, to make the lunge more challenging and to increase your cardio exercise.

If you prefer to watch the plank progressions, this video shows you the 4 moves.

Online TRX workout program

With STRONG By Emily, I show you TRX modifications so you can find your strong whether you’re a beginner or advanced fitness level. The TRX is a great piece of training equipment because there’s so much versatility with it. You can modify exercises and progress them easily.

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You’ll also build mobility and flexibility.

With my online TRX workout program, you’ll find a combination of bodyweight and TRX exercises. You get 3 workouts every week, and they never repeat! All delivered to you on the TrueCoach app.


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