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Motivation is not a happy accident. If you wait around to “feel” motivated, it isn’t going to magically smack you in the face one day. Here are 5 ways to get motivated and stay motivated!

How to get motivated?

Motivation is not a feeling. It is a conscious commitment to a motive or a choice toward something. An ENERGY that stems from a positive thought.  So, to find your motivation or mojo you must START the task in which you desire to accomplish.  Even when you don’t want to do anything.  Honestly.

For example, if you want to write a book you need to give yourself undistracted time to think. First, block out time to perform the task without interruption. Second, sit down. Third, start typing. Just. Do. It.

You need to clean your house. I have kids and trust me some days I need that motivation! Pick up that first misplaced toy, then the second and soon you’re on your way!  Just. Do. It.

Now, let’s apply this to exercise.

If you want to run in a distance running race, here’s how you find motivation.

First, you must sign up.  Just. Do. It.  Then you begin looking up training plans. Third, you walk out your front door and start running even if it’s 5 minutes at a time.

If you want to workout. Put on your workout clothes, shoes, etc and  Just. Do. It.  Promise yourself a solid 5 minutes and if after 5 minutes you still aren’t feeling it, then stop.  Give yourself a pass for the day and try again tomorrow.

Also, consider an accountability group. We’d love to have you join us in STRONG by Emily, a group of women dedicated to finding their strong 3 times a week and making healthy food choices. You get a Certified Personal Trainer in your back pocket for a fraction of the price.

5 ways to stay motivated

Are you noticing a recurring theme?  You just have to start and THAT is when the motivation comes.  Only then will you experience the amazing feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT, STRENGTH, POSITIVITY, PROGRESS and you’ll begin to want MORE.  These are the rewards that come from your motivation. The more you give yourself a chance to experience them the more you’ll begin to CRAVE them.

Here are my top 5 ways to get AND stay motivated:

1. Create a clear plan with goals

Write down your goal(s) and WHY it is essential that you reach this goal.

Brainstorm a list of compelling reasons why you MUST start toward your task.

This is a great time to use a “Think Journal”.

2. Celebrate ALL your victories

Celebrate ALL your victories.

It is no secret that it’s a long road to see real life changes which is why you should celebrate ANY victory no matter how small it may seem.

Write it down, share with someone, reward yourself with a pedicure.  Celebrate YOU. Do this OFTEN.

Once again, that Think Journal is a great place to write down your successes so you can reflect back on your awesomeness whenever you need a pick-me-up.

3. Get 6-8 hours of sleep

Regular sleep fuels your body!

It’s hard to find motivation when you’re sleepy.  Give your brain and body the rest it needs so you can be your BEST.

4. Be clear in your ambition

What’s your ambition in life? Create a clear one, even if it’s just 3 words. Then TRUST in your ability to figure things out.

You must BELIEVE it can happen and that YOU can make it happen.

Expectancy is the difference between hope and motivation.

Learn more about using 3 words for daily motivation to reach your long-term weight, fitness, and professional milestones.

5. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people

Surround yourself with people who you look at and think, dang, I wish I was as motivated as her/him.  Positivity is contagious! Finding a supportive group or person to help keep you focused and accountable to your personal goals is a MUST.

If you’d like help working through these 5 steps, consider one-on-one or online personal training. With both, you’ll be motivated.

In the online personal training group, you’ll get access to 3 weekly workouts and an online accountability group. Right away, you’ll be surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people who are choosing the same workout routine and lifestyle choices. For just $30 a month, it’s an affordable option. Ready to learn more about online personal training?

More than anything I want YOU to feel like the strong, badass that I know you are!

What motivates you?

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