They found their strong.

Read why my clients love STRONG By Emily, an online personal training program.

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Emily Ackart Testimonial Rocio Bellido

I am LOVING it! With the helpful videos and coaching from you – it’s perfect! I also love that this allows me the ability to workout on my schedule and still have a personal trainer always available. 😊 It’s just what I was looking for!!!

— Kim Williams Bielawski

This is an awesome program! I highly recommend it! Emily is great at adding modifiers for each exercise so if you’re a beginner it’s excellent because you can learn the moves but if you’re experienced then you can do the advanced option! 

— Amy Dye Kanning

I LOVE IT! I feel so blessed I found her and love the workouts. I went on vacation for a week and the app was so helpful to keep me going even when I am away. I took my TRX to a park next to the beach to workout.

— Rocio Bellido