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at home resistance band workout

Resistance band workouts are a great strength-training tool. You can take these bands anywhere, whether you use then in your at-home gym or on the road. Plus, you can change up your workout without needing to add extra weight. These are 3 of my favorite resistance band workouts, including an excellent full-body resistance band workout, core, and cardio-focused exercises, and a partner workout. You can do all of these at home.

resistance band workout videos for women*I only recommend products I personally use as a Certified Personal Trainer. There are affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I receive compensation at no cost to you. 

Resistance Band Workouts For Women

If you’re looking to target your core and build strength without bulk, resistance bands offer a great workout for women. These are the bands I recommend. You can get six different resistance levels. If you like bodyweight workouts, you can always add a band to increase the intensity.

The greatest thing about bands, they take up no room in your at-home gym. So, resistance band workouts are a great way to mix up your at-home fitness.

If you don’t want to focus an entire workout on bands, add them to your warm-up. They’ll increase your mobility and activate the body parts your workout focuses on that day.

These are 3 of my favorite resistance band workouts for women. You can do all of them at home.

1. Full body workout

2. Core + cardio

3. Partner workout

In the full-body workout that I put together, it targets your core by working one side of your body at a time. It’s a unilateral workout, so you have to create more tension through your core (entire midsection) to square up your body and maintain good form.

The second workout focuses on cardio and core exercises.

The final workout uses a partner. What’s better than an accountability partner to push you to the next level?

While anyone, male or female can use these resistance band workouts, they help women increase their strength in their arms, glutes, and core.

Full-Body Resistance Band Workout

The full-body resistance band workout focuses on your legs, shoulders, and core.

It’s perfect for a woman looking to turn on her core without exercises that only target your abs. The core work is a by-product of doing the exercises correctly.

These full-body exercises will shine a light on any imbalances you’ve developed in your body like if one side is stronger than another.

This is a strength-based workout so you’ll perform reps.  Take rest as needed but try to keep moving through at a good pace.   You can perform 3-5 rounds depending on time & energy.

  1. Resistance band thrusters (10)

  2. Banded pushups (10)

  3. Resistance band squat + row (10 per side)

  4. Band lunge + press or lateral lunge + press (10 per side)

Resistance band thrusters

For resistance band thrusters, step into the resistance band. Hold the other end with your arms up near your shoulders and neck. Then, squat and thrust up, pushing your hands to the ceiling. Lower your hands to your shoulders and squat again.


For resistance band push-ups, put your fingertips through the band and pull the band across the back of your shoulders.

If you’re still working on getting strong pushups on your toes, I recommend you perfect those THEN add the resistance band. This is how to perfect your push-up form and get the most out of this exercise.

Squat Row

For a squat row with a resistance band, tie it to something sturdy like a weight bench. Pull it with one hand and position your hand near your rib cage. Then, squat and row as you stand up. Make the rowing motion with both arms, even though only one is holding the band. You’re focusing on one side at a time. Keep your arms level, and hips squared up.

Lunge and press

Finally, resistance band lunge and press. Again, tie the band to a workout bench. Hold the band with one hand and lunge forward and press. Stand back up. Keep arms level and hips squared up.

You can also do a lateral lunge and press. For this, stand sideways.

Best Resistance Band Workout for Core

Second, try the resistance band core workout. It also has cardio exercises, so you’ll get your heart rate up at the same time.

These exercises are an EXCELLENT way to add rotation and anti-rotation work into your routine. You need these exercises to prevent injuries.

  1. Side plank row

  2. Pallof press

  3. Lateral shuffle + rotation

  4. Lateral lunge + press

  5. Resistance band broad jump

Aim for 3-5 rounds of 45-seconds of work and 15-seconds of rest on each side. For the broad jump, it’s just 45-seconds of work and 15-seconds of reset since you’re not focusing on one side of your body at a time.

Based on your fitness level, you can adjust the work and rest times. Other options include :40 work/:20 rest or :30/:30.

Side plank row

For side plank row, secure the band on something like a weight bench. Get in a side plank. Hold the band with the other arm and pull toward your body.

Half kneeling Pallof press

With the half kneeling Pallof press, again tie off the band. Get in a kneeling position. Push forward and back with the band in both hands.

Lateral shuffle and rotation

Keep the band in the secured position for the lateral shuffle and rotation. Shuffle to the side and then rotate. Shuffle back.

You can also do a lateral lunge and press.

Broad jump

Finally, try the resistance band broad jump. Put the band around your hips and jump forward.

Place the band around your hips, with the other end secured. Jump. Then shuffle back into position and repeat the exercise.

Strong Core Exercises

Partner Workout

I love partner workouts. It’s great for accountability, especially on days when you’re just not feeling it. Working out with a partner push and motivate you, so you get more out of every exercise.

In the exercise video, I use my husband. What a great workout for women to bond with their partner?

You can also use another female.

These are fun exercises because you do many of them together. One partner grabs one end of the resistance band, and the other one grabs the other side.

Grab your favorite workout buddy, and have some fun with this workout!!  Challenge & push each other!!

For some of these partner band exercises, you’ll work together and others you’ll do alone.

  1. Windmills (:30 seconds facing front, then :30 sec facing other direction.)

  2. Reverse lunge + row (:30 right, :30 left)

  3. Partner broad jump (:30 seconds – go right into a sprint)

  4. Sprint with a partner (:30 seconds – then switch positions with your partner)

  5. Side plank row (:30 right, :30 left)


First, resistance band windmills. You’re each going to hold one end of the band out in front of you. Then, you’ll squat and move the band in a circular motion, one way. Next, stand up together and pull the band in toward your chest. Finally, squat back down together, push the band out, and then move your arms the other way.

Don’t worry if it takes your brain a minute to figure out what the heck to do on the resistance band windmill. You aren’t alone! 🙂 Watch the video for how to do each of these exercises.

Verbal cues make help you both until you get the motion.

Reverse lunge and row

For the reverse lunge and row stand diagonally apart, facing each other. You’ll both grab the band with one hand. Then, at the same time, pull and step back with the same leg. Stand back up. Repeat.

Partner broad jump with resistance band

Next, for the broad jump, one person squats and holds the band. The other person places the band around their waist and jumps. Then runs back and repeats.

Banded sprint

For the banded sprint, the partner continues to hold the band. You still have the band at your waist in a stretched position. Run in place.

Side plank row

Finally, the side plank row. For this exercise, you’re both facing each other and in a side plank position. The arm in the air holds the band. One at a time, you row.

Repeat this circuit 3-5 times. Rest minimally.


Which workout do you like best?

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