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Push-ups are a great way to strengthen your upper body, specifically your chest and shoulders. If you mix-up how you do the push-up, it’s easier to engage all your muscles so it’s a total body workout.

Benefits of push-ups

You always want to challenge your body in new ways, and you can do just that with every exercise even the push-up. Whether you’re pushing up on your knees or from a TRX plank position, there are ways to progress the push-up so you constantly challenge your body.

According to GQ magazine, the push-up is the only exercise you need to get a square chest of the likes of Rob Gronkowski. Maybe more desirable for men, but the push-up is a total body workout with lots of benefits for women too including that pesky core. When performing a perfect push-up, you’re working your shoulders, chest, legs, core, and lower back.

Whether you like push-ups or not, it’s an important fitness exercise. Trying new versions of the push-up actually challenges your body better.

A recent push-up study by researchers in Spain found all instability devices offered a better activation of all your muscles than doing just a plain bodyweight push-up on the floor. So, ditch the floor push-ups and try one with the TRX. You’ll get a total body workout.

In addition, TRX push-ups offer maximum muscle activation for the lower back and leg muscles compared with a wobble board, regular push-ups on the floor, a stability disk, and fitness dome.

Haven’t used the TRX? Start here to learn the basics of mastering resistance and suspension training.

4 ways to progress a trx pushup

4 ways to progress the push-up with the TRX

The TRX offers lots of modifications so you can work toward a move. Progress toward an atomic push-up, which is a great cardio, power, and strength exercise in one. There are 4 ways you can modify your TRX workout, to work toward that perfect push-up.

1. Knees on the ground

First, put your toes in the TRX. Just like you’d put your knees on the ground if you did a push-up with just your bodyweight, do the same with your toes still in the TRX.

Lower into your push-up and then drive your heels back into plank.

Hold it for two seconds.

Lower your knees, push-up, and drive your heels back into plank.

2. TRX plank to push-up

Once you master the first move, start in the plank position. So, one foot is in each of the foot cradles. Do your push-up. If you need to, you can come down to your knees after 2 or 3 push-ups to rest.

Then, reset in your plank and do another push-up.

3. Atomic push-up

Now you’re ready for an atomic push-up. This turns a basic push-up into a cardio movement.

Tuck the knees and then drive back into plank.

4. Add a TRX pike to your push-up

Finally, add a pike so you’re working your core, your arm muscles, and getting a cardio blast all at the same time. So, the sequence is a plank, push-up, knee tuck, pike.

There are lots of ways to progress the push-up, so it’s manageable or very challenging depending on your fitness level. This is one of the great things about the TRX. You can progress all exercises from beginner to advanced moves.

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Push-up mistakes

If you don’t have a TRX and prefer bodyweight exercises only with no equipment, these are some tips to do the perfect push-up on the ground.

While it’s a simple exercise, you’re likely doing it incorrectly. As a Certified Personal Trainer, I see the push-up done wrong all the time.

First, place your fingertips so they’re facing outside. The goal is to think of your hands as if they’re turning a screw or a lid off a jar. Focusing on a corkscrew motion with your hands helps you turn on all your muscles from your lats to your glutes to your core. It ensures the push-up is a full-body workout as intended rather than just an arm workout.

Then, put your arms at a 45-degree angle rather than pushing them out. It puts your shoulder in a safer position and you’re forced to have a stronger core.

Finally, don’t hold your breath. You get more power out of the push-up when you do a forceful exhale. Nobody is listening to you. blow it out. Use your breath to create more strength and power.

These slight changes will lead to a stronger push-up and less risk of injury.


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