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Do you ever feel like the spark in life is missing even though you have a great family, marriage, and job? Sometimes you have to break away from distractions to find your true purpose in life. 

Finding balance in life

That was me before I attended a life-changing, personal development seminar called High Performance Academy. It truly shook me to the core of my being.

Before leaving I often felt that my spark for life was missing. I was and still am happy, my marriage is great, my kids are perfectly challenging and our finances are pretty much in order. Seemingly, the perfect combination for happiness, right?! So why did I not feel that pep in my step and vibrancy for life that I desired?

My life was out of balance. Simple yet true.

I realized that distractions had overtaken my life. My kids weren’t getting the best of me. I was short-tempered and annoyed much of the day it seemed, my house was a wreck and my coaching business began to feel like “work” rather than a true source of joy and inspiration that it had once been.

I was “distracted parenting” always bouncing between text messages, Facebook notifications, Messenger and the Newsfeed. I’d glance at the clock and think, “oh, I have 10 minutes to kill before I need to get the kids moving, might as well get on Facebook. I have nothing better to do (ha!!!!)”

Then next thing I knew I was yelling at my kids to get their shoes on and I was in crazy mom mode. After drop off, I would have intense emotions of guilt for how I had talked to my kids. I wouldn’t talk to ANYONE else in this world in this way! Why oh why are we so sucked into the newsfeed? A majority of what we see is drama, negativity and harsh opinions. Occasionally I see great pictures of my friends and family, but still what was this time spent looking at other peoples lives doing for MY LIFE? ZILCH. I would literally wake up, roll over and start my day with my phone in my face and I wondered why I would walk around feeling uninspired?!

It was time for a change. That’s when High Performance Academy came to me like a gift from God. I know that my purpose in this world is to be an amazing mama, the BEST wife/sister/friend/daughter and an inspiration to women who have a great desire to learn (or remember) how to love and respect themselves.

I came home like a whole new woman and I want to share with you a few amazing takeaways that I hope will lead you to at least begin exploring the possibility of BALANCE & greater HAPPINESS in our every day. It is possible, mamas.

How to turn off the distractions 

With just a few small changes, it’s possible to find a new level of happiness, peace, and EXCITEMENT for my everyday life. I lifted the fog from my brain and you can too! I truly want this feeling for you too.

First, I’d like for you to give yourself some time to THINK. Put the phone away, put on some inspirational music, sit in the sun and ask yourself the following questions: Am I living up to my full potential? Am I happy? Do I feel like my brain is a computer browser with 20 windows open at once? Why can’t I get ANYTHING done?

All of these things were questions I was asking myself. It wasn’t until my weekend away that I was fully able to grasp that my biggest problem was that I was constantly distracted and I never felt fully present.

In any moment. Can you relate? If you answered yes then my suggestion is for you REMOVE THE DISTRACTIONS. At least limit them. This includes phones, internet, social media, television. Get rid of the things that aren’t adding REAL joy, value or depth to your life.

This is the first step you should take if you truly want to find or reconnect with your passion in life

Then, create positive habits. 

New Positive Habit #1 – No phone from 7:30am-9am.

This was the worst time of day with my kids. It would never fail that I would end up yelling and we would be scrambling around like crazy people trying to get out the door. Guess what?! Since I started my phone rule 3 weeks ago there has been zero yelling on my part. The kids weren’t the problem. It was me.

New Positive Habit #2 – Step away from Facebook.

I can’t believe the energy, inspiration, ideas, and joy I have seen and felt. PLUS now there are no more unnecessary comparisons to other mothers or coaches, I’m not sucked into others negativity and NO political drama. AMEN to that, right?!

I’ve pretty much gone cold turkey, cause let’s face it, I was addicted and I needed to seriously break this habit. I realize that this may not be exactly what you want so I encourage you to schedule your Facebook, TV, Candy Crush, PEOPLE Magazine time. I know that seems silly, but when you have “allowed” yourself this mindless luxury there is no guilt. You won’t feel like you are avoiding the mess of a kitchen or any other task you’ve been putting off, and you don’t have that dreaded “mommy guilt” feeling that you should be paying more attention to your kids. It’s GUILT FREE browsing time!

You will see new moments and joy you probably didn’t know was possible when you take a break from all the distractions. 

So who’s up for a challenge? For one week I challenge you to remove one DISTRACTION from your life. You may go cold turkey like me or you may try scheduling it into your day. I’m going to call this our POSITIVE HABIT CHALLENGE! I can’t wait to check in with you next week to hear how you are feeling! I’m willing to bet you will have nothing but good things to report!

When you find balance in life, you’ll accomplish more. Sometimes you just have to dig to find that purpose and happiness. We all have it within us. Sometimes you just have to find that spark within by making changes in your life. 

What distraction are you removing from your life? 

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