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Are you on a journey to find greater happiness in balance in life? Are you running from work, to the gym, to your children’s activities? We’re busier than ever making it difficult to find balance. You can do it, though, with just 3 little words!

What’s your ambition?

I am on a very personal journey to find greater happiness and balance in my life.  After many discussions with friends I am learning that I’m not the only mama out there feeling like we are just going through the motions of our every day wondering where our excitement for life went.  So many of us are living on autopilot, avoiding our responsibilities by sticking our phones in our faces.

So what do we do about it? First, break away from the distractions.

Next, tackle AMBITION.

When is the last time you truly gave yourself time, without distraction, to think about what truly excites you in life?  Who do you want to become?  What do you want to accomplish personally and professionally? Do you want a promotion, to be more fit, or make healthier food choices? What do you want to contribute to this world? As a mother, a spouse, a coworker, employee or future entrepreneur?  And most importantly, what things do I need to change?

How to find balance in life

If you are craving greater balance, abundant happiness and more joy in life, it is time you clearly define your ambition. Deal? Now, write it down.  Share it with me in the comments below. Share it with your spouse or your best friend.  It is such an energizing, exciting, FREEING experience once you declare it.

However, your ambition is no different than anything else in life. Like everything else, you have to constantly nurture it. For example, you don’t get muscle definition or weight loss unless you go to the gym often and work hard! It’s the compound effect. Small changes and daily discipline will get you results. If you ignore it, your passion will fade.

A very effective tool that has kept me focused and reminded of my ambition over the last month are 3 words.  They snap me back to reality when I’m struggling or my discipline is fading. They are my trigger for happiness. They should describe what you want most for your life. You must emotionally commit yourself fully to them because they will become your guide for EVERY interaction and EVERY decision you make.

Three words

They’re just three words, but so powerful! They should guide your life and motivate you daily!

So, what are your three words?

Make them visible and remind yourself of them daily.  I have mine set as a reminder on my phone that pops up every day during nap time. This is my time to think, to create, and to dream.

It’s also the only 90 minutes I get without answering to a little person and my old cravings for mindless distractions (i.e. Facebook browsing) can easily creep back.  If I’m in the middle of browsing (instead of fueling my ambition), that little reminder pops up and snaps me out of it.

I also have my three words written on my bathroom mirror so I begin my day with intention.


I want to live my life with passion!

I want to be 100% present with every person that I am interacting with and every project that I decide to give my time to. I want to feel like I am an engaged, energized mother, wife, and coach.

I will find the balance in my life by setting goals, and protecting my time so that I don’t feel like I’m kicking butt in one area and slacking in the other area of my life.

Ok, YOUR TURN!  What are your three words?

I would so love for you to share them below. Remember, they need to encompass your entire being and when you read them you should be pumped, excited, and focused!!

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