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If you know me, it’s no secret that I LOVE Shaun T and I love INSANITY. So I knew when the program was released that I was going to try it out. I was feeling lost in my fitness and had recently joined CrossFit 816 to shake things up. I was really enjoying the workouts and the new friends, but I felt like I needed a new goal to work towards and half marathon training just wasn’t doing it for me this year like it has the past two.

However, to be honest, I have never completed a home fitness program. So I was kinda nervous as to whether or not I could really do it. I BELIEVE in these programs and know that they work and deliver amazing results, but I selfishly liked my gym time when someone else took care of my kids so I could enjoy my workout. So, it was time for me to tackle INSANITY MAX:30.  It was time for me to show those who trust me to help motivate them to complete a program that I can do it too. That I have been through the highs and lows of setting any long term goal for yourself, specifically an at home fitness program.

So, of course, I had to find a group of women who were ready to make a serious commitment to making their health a priority. And because accountability WORKS and I needed them maybe more than they needed me!

So the most amazing accountability group was born.  These women were committed. They showed up EVERY DAY. Even if it was to say that they missed a workout. But the beautiful thing that happened was that they didn’t let those missed workouts discourage them or keep them from coming back. They were committed. We were all in this together through all of our highs and our lows. Everyone was so incredibly positive, encouraging and supportive that you couldn’t help but keep pushing when you didn’t want to. It was amazing.

I’m not going to lie… it wasn’t a cakewalk for me. This program is tough, but it is totally MENTAL. Anyone can do these workouts. Seriously. Anyone. The modifier is AMAZING (one of my girls lost 19 inches ONLY following the modifier). But where you really have to be ready to fight is when it comes to your MIND. More than once I had to fight my mind from the excuses that were trying to take over and derail me from my goal.…. Hubby traveling, sick kids, sore muscles, baby was up all night, disaster of a house…

And that’s where the group came in, we had each other to turn to when our mind was telling us we couldn’t possibly go on. We had each other to say “YES you can AND you WILL!”.

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention that my hubby was by my side through 80% of these workouts. I dragged him along with me and in the beginning he was doing it because he loves me and I asked him to. He wasn’t thrilled about not lifting his heavy weights or riding his bike on the indoor trainer. Originally he committed to 30 days but he was completely motivated by the results he saw in 30 days that there wasn’t a question as to whether or not he would go on through month 2 with me.

I wish I could explain to you the euphoric feeling that comes when you complete the last Friday Fight of month 2. It is such pure joy and you go from wanting to punch Shaun T in the face to wanting to give him the biggest hug for changing your life. I am stronger today in EVERY sense of the word than I was when I started this program.

Curious and want to know more?  Watch this… 🙂

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