Emily Ackart Bodyweight Exercise Program

Burn More Calories!

Build More Muscle! 

40 Bodyweight Exercises 


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Get 8 workouts with 40 NEW exercises

Emily Ackart Fitness Bodyweight Exercises

  •  Cardio + strength training. 
  •  Build more muscle.
  •  Improve your metabolism.
  •  Burn more calories.

Take the workouts on vacation or use them when you want to freshen up your routine. 

The only equipment you need -- your bodyweight. Mini bands are optional to challenge yourself more. 

*Get access to the TrueCoach app for 3 months. You can export and print workouts any time.


"With the helpful videos and coaching from you - it's perfect! I also love that this allows me the ability to workout on my schedule and still have a personal trainer always available."

- Kim Williams Bielawski 

"Emily is great at adding modifiers for each exercise." 


- Amy Dye Kanning 

Hello! I'm Emily Ackart. 

Personal Trainer Emily Ackart

Your personal trainer! I'm NASM Certified and love helping women find their STRONG! 

As a mom of two boys, I know how hard it is to find time to workout and eat healthy. Making the commitment, though, will transform your life. It changed mine! 

That's why I created online personal training programs that you can do at home. They're quick, affordable, and will transform your body!

The bodyweight program is just a one-time fee and STRONG By Emily is a month-to-month commitment with bodyweight and TRX exercises. 

I'd ❤️️ to help you find your STRONG!  

Get Fit Anywhere & Anytime

Join today and get:

  • 8 strength + cardio workouts.  
  • 40 NEW exercises.
  • Access to the TrueCoach app for 3 months. Print off workouts at any time.

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